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Infusion Controller IV Accuracy

The Accura Infusion Controller IV Accuracy

The second generation of our little helper for infusion.


Safe and easy:

  • Adjustment is much easier and more precise than with conventional roller-clamps
  • No dangerous pressure can occure as no pump is engaged
  • Constant flow, no readjustment is necessary as no tube is squeezed
  • Easy reading of scale which is always in sight
  • No air leakage


Quick and timesaving:

  • Immediately available without necessity of electric currency or pumps
  • Quick and easy adjustment
  • One-hand handling


Economic and practical:

  • No repair cost
  • No maintenance
  • Very flexible to use
  • Easy handling


New features:

  • Higher safety through bigger and better readable scale
  • Ecofriendly due to reduced amount of plastics



 Catalogue No. Name
IV ACCURACY Infusion-Controller with administration-set



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