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Approval for Decent S
The Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System Decent S has successfully been approved by the notified body and received its CE-mark. For further information and the product...  more ›

Aspiration Catheter Set

This catheter sucks – with negative pressure to positive results.

The Unblocker removes thrombus and debris by low pressure through a big inner lumen volume. The sophisticated construction of the catheter gives the catheter a large inner volume while the catheter performs an excellent pushability and tractability. This all is supported by a hydrophilic coating to ease navigation.


Further features are:

  • STD: Short Tip Design which makes the aspiration procedure easier and more effective
  • Large aspiration port for an increased aspiration rate
  • Preloaded Stylet for a better delivery under all conditions and optimal kink resistance
  • It can be applied for coronary and peripheral vessels


Product details:

  • 135cm / 141cm length
  • 0.014”  Guidewire compatible
  • Rapid Exchange Design, 30mm / 75mm Rapid Exchange segment
  • Radiopaque marker 6mm / 3,5mm from tip


Included accessories:

  • 2 pcs 30 ml LL Syringes
  • 20 cm Extension Line with Stopcock
  • 40 µm Filter Basket


Parameter AC6FE AC7FE
Compatible Guide Catheter 6F 7F
Minimal Guiding Catheter ID - inner diameter [mm, inch] 1.78
Compatible Guidewire [mm, inch] 0.36
Usable Catheter Length (Tip Kink to Protection) [mm] 1410 1410
Rapid Exchange (RX) Configuration: I = inner / O = outer I I
Length [mm] 75 75
Length of the Aspiration Opening 4.8 4.8
Distance Radiopaque Marker – Tip [mm] 3.5 3.5
Distance Proximal End of Aspiration hole Radiopaque Marker [mm] 4.5 4.5
ID Aspiration Lumen Proximal [mm] 1.10 1.30
Minimum ID Aspiration Lumen Distal [mm] 0.48 0.69
Shaft Diameter (OD) [mm] Distal 1.37 1.55
Proximal 1.42 1.55





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