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The Accura Inflation Device

with pressure-meter


Our Inflation Device suits perfectly to our PTCA and PTA Catheters but is compatible as well with most common catheters and stents from other manufacturers.


  • Handy mechanism enables easy inflation up to 30 bars and soft release of high pressure inflation
  • Accurate 30 bars gauge fits for all high pressure applications
  • Ergonomic design with angled scale allows easy holding, handling and reading
  • 20 cc syringe lever provides maximum vacuum for rapid and easy deflation
  • The big handle ensures efficient air purge and easy evacuation of bubbles
  • O-ring piston design minimises pressure decay and drift
  • Package options with PTCA accessories available to reduce your cost
  • High pressure extension tube is clear and flexible for easy evacuation of bubbles and positioning
  • Includes connecting line and rotating Luer Lock





 Catalogue No. Version Pressure (bar)
without stopcock 30 
 8610230S with stopcock 30 


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